Who's Looking After You? Tip One, Smiling

There’s no doubt that when life gets tough, we begin to take things more seriously and forget to exercise our facial muscles.  We stop smiling, which isn’t helpful because smiling really is good for the soul.  Here are just some of the reasons why, no matter how bad a day you’re having, you should keep smiling:

  • Smiling boosts your mood.  When we smile (even if it’s a forced one) our body releases endorphins and we all know that endorphins are our body’s own happiness pill.  When we release endorphins we can’t help but feel better and less stressed.
  • Smiling can improve your health.  When you smile, your body begins to relax.  Relaxing is good for your health and will also help you maintain a strong immune system.
  • It’s easier to smile.  Research has shown that it is in fact harder to frown than smile.  So next time you catch yourself frowning ask yourself whether you would prefer to smile and save that extra energy for something more beneficial.
  • Smiling is the universal sign of happiness.  Given the diversity of the environment that we operate in isn’t it wonderful to know that by smiling we are letting our students, staff and colleagues know that we are happy.
  • Smiling is contagious.  There is no doubt that smiling is contagious and I would like to think that just by reading this article you are smiling.  Isn’t it wonderful to think that just by smiling you are contributing to a happier campus without the need for extra resources or money? 

I know this time of year can be tough but honestly if you can keep smiling you will be doing a good deed not just for yourself but all those around you. And remember whilst you may not be in need of this tip you may know a friend or colleague who is so please feel free to pass on this blog and spread the word.