Do You Understand Your Organisation’s DNA?

If we were to ask you to describe your organisation’s DNA, would you be able to do it? And if you were, would you feel truly connected and engaged with what you were saying?  Possibly, although in our experience, probably not.  

At Fish Climb Trees our passion is organisations’ DNA, our term for describing their purpose and their values, their reason for being if you like.  Just like human DNA, organisational DNA is unique.  We believe that once an organisation understands its DNA and commits to bringing it to life, the rest is easy; whether its defining a five year growth strategy, creating a new cross functional team, or improving leadership capabilities.

We help Universities, the wider education sector and charities uncover their DNA and bring it to life.  

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Your success, we believe, comes from understanding your DNA and bringing it to life.  Your DNA is unique and therefore so are our solutions.  Using a blended mix of consultancy, coaching, training and facilitation we offer a range of services to help you achieve your goals.



As a business you may know what your DNA is but if not we can help you uncover it and bring them to life for everyone involved in your organisation.


We can help with your strategic planning, involving your team from the outset so there is never a disconnect between what you want to achieve and what your people are doing.


This is at the heart of any of our solutions and we never leave home without it, the possibilities are endless. 


Are your leaders leading?  Are your managers managing?  If they are then great but if not we can help you turn this around. 


We believe that whilst individuals can be successful, it is teams that can achieve the impossible.  We create environments that make this happen.

Coaching, team
and individual

Coaching someone who doesn’t see the need or want to try it on for size is a recipe for failure so we only use it at the right times. 

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when fish climb trees the book

Everyone says they know how the world works. Yet they don’t get the results they want.

Miserable work environments. Bosses that bully. Tasks that destroy the soul. A lurching seesaw rather than work-life balance.

Yet, they keep trying the same old, same old, day after day and think they’ll magically get a better result this time…


When you enter the world of When Fish Climb Trees you are announcing to the world that you are ready for change, real change. That you are ready to stop self-defeating behaviour, ready to eliminate mind-numbing attitudes that keep you trapped in toxic waters. 

It isn’t what you’ve thought before. And that is a good thing.

It isn’t what you expect. And that means you’ve no idea where you can go next. 

It isn’t a mechanical 3-step, quick-fix formula. And that means you can truly get great results.

When Fish Climb Trees you have moved beyond limitations and embraced your glorious power. This is your invitation… 

It is time to stop can’t ruling your life and embrace your can-do leadership, transforming yourself and everyone around you.

Get climbing!

“The metaphor of When Fish Climb Trees is bizarre, bonkers and fun, but most importantly it provides us with a framework to discuss change and how we move from a world of ‘I can’t’ to a world of ‘you know what actually I can’". View the video below to hear more from me providing a brief overview of my book and how it can help you…

keynote speaker

Professional Speaking Association’s Regional Champion &
National Semi-Finalist 2016

I wear many hats as an Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach and Facilitator - all with the aim of inspiring people and organisations to create a world where Fish Climb Trees. If you’re looking for support to develop you and your business I’d love to hear from you to discuss your requirements and how I can help you. View the video below to see me in action…




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