An in-house University Maintenance team was achieving just 18% of its SLAs, and staff morale and customer satisfaction were low. Recent changes in shift patterns, which took nearly three years to negotiate and implement, were meant to improve service levels but had the opposite effect. There was talk about outsourcing the service – the team’s worse nightmare.


We began with a review of what was really going on with the team.  This involved shadowing the management team, attending meetings and going out with the team on the ground. There were few robust systems in place and performance management was non-existent.  We also uncovered the root cause of all these issues – hardworking but ineffective leadership.

It began with a very honest conversation with Daren, the Head of Maintenance, who took responsibility for the current situation and for leading the change. We coached and mentored Daren and his management team, held workshops with the entire team to rediscover shared goals, revised working patterns, agreed performance indicators for all members of the team and enhanced the IT system to better support these changes.


Six months later, achievement of SLAs had risen to over 75%, team morale had improved and revised working patterns were introduced in just six weeks. Best of all, the customers were noticing the difference. Daren said:

"The journey wasn’t always easy but there were tangible results both on the ground and for me personally.  I certainly learnt a lot and have grown as an individual along the way."