This small, friendly agency has been in business for almost 20 years. Having enjoyed significant growth during the 90s it was hit by the recent recession. The team realised that, despite having been very successful in the design and print arena, their business strategy would need to adapt to new market conditions - a scary proposition for the MD, taking him far outside his comfort zone.


We ran two initiatives concurrently. Firstly, we provided the MD with 1-2-1 coaching to enable him to better lead his team through this period of change.  We also worked with the leadership team to evaluate the strategic options for growth and ran sessions to identify and articulate the company's values and what they wanted to be known for.  Armed with this knowledge we then worked with the entire agency team to create and implement a plan of action that would achieve the success they wanted.


This project is ongoing but Mark the MD says:

“Whilst this is only the start of the journey with Mel, the transformation in my leadership team, the clear goals we are aiming for, the type of work we want and indeed the type of company we want to become has had an immediate impact. The clarity of thought we all have for our business has filtered down to all our staff resulting in better productivity, more creativity and ultimately happy staff”.