A £6million catering operation with nearly 250 staff, 10 catering outlets and a thriving conference and function business had a traditional organisational structure that was hindering decision making and stifling creativity.  Whilst there were numerous managers, they weren't managing effectively and in spite of focusing heavily on costs the overall the operation was in deficit.  The senior management team were so busy managing the day to day operations that there was little time for creative thinking and long term planning.


Having supported the team through an initial project to re-brand their catering outlets, we already had an understanding of the issues facing this team.  A large part of our work focused on developing the managers and team leaders so that they could begin to manage effectively.  We created and delivered a bespoke programme of training that covered people, finance and customer service.  

Concurrently we worked with the Head of Catering to implement a more flexible organisational structure and establish an environment to encourage creativity and innovation so that the entire team could begin to drive sales and improve profitability.


This work took place during the height of the recession and whilst many high street operations were closing their doors the team increased sales by 35% and generated a healthy bottom line profit in just eighteen months.  Mike Hoare the Head of Catering says:

“The transformation has been remarkable.  We now have managers that are effectively managing their teams and their operations.  They have a real pride in what they are doing and are committed to improving the success of the operation overall.  Customer satisfaction continues to grow as we have put in place a programme of feedback and improvement to enhance the customer experience.  With a more committed team and happier customers the financial rewards were inevitable.  However the growth in sales has exceeded all our expectations and to finally see the entire operation in profit for the first time ever is a real achievement.  The experience wasn't an easy one - it was hard work but ultimately the team and the operation that we have now is one we can all be immensely proud of.”