Who's Looking After You? Tip Eight, Listening to Music

For many of us, music plays an important part in our lives.  How often do you hear a particular song and find yourself smiling because it immediately transports you back to an enjoyable time in your life?  Not only is music one of life’s simple pleasures, it can also have certain health benefits.

Music can help lower stress levels, improve focus and change moods and mind set, which is particularly useful when we are under pressure and struggling to be the best that we can be.  

Personally I love music although I know my taste isn’t to everyone’s liking as I am a big fan of musical theatre and belt out ballads.  That said I have never been a fan of playing music when I am working, although this has recently changed.

Research has shown that having music on whilst we are working (not loudly but at a low – moderate level) can have a positive impact on our creativity and focus.  Despite having a penchant for ‘softer’ music I never found this to be the case.  

However my good friend Eleri Thomas, Head of Residential Services at Aberystwyth University has introduced me to music created by a group of people she has been working with over the last couple of years.  

The music is created in the moment and works in harmony with the energy in our bodies (new age I know but please go with it if you can) and I have to say that I now have it playing nearly all the time (I have it on as I’m writing this). And do I think it has helped? Absolutely – I haven’t experienced creativity and focus like this for a very long time.  If you’re interested in having a listen click here http://newequations.com/

So there are no top tips today except to suggest that you might want to pay attention to what happens to your body and mind next time you are playing music.  

I suspect you may already know what music you like to hear when you are happy and perhaps even when you are sad but do you know what music helps calm you down when you are stressed? Do you know what music helps with your focus and creativity?  If not go explore because find music that works for you and you will find your flow.